Logistics: The definite Decalogue for project managers.

The useful learnings gathered during years of work as a freelance project manager in the Retail construction and Interior outfitting industries.   If you receive a damaged delivery, write DAMAGED down on the delivery note. Always take photos. Never sign the driver’s delivery note until the goods have been unloaded. Do not trust truck drivers. […]

Trailers in the UK are higher than in the rest of Europe.

Indeed, there is no legal limit on the height of a truck in the UK, though by ‘custom and practice’ 4.9 meters has been adopted as the maximum height of a trailer. Meanwhile, in Spain, the maximum height allowed for vehicles is 4.50 meters. That is for both rigid and articulated vehicles. This 50cm difference is a lot! Think about the […]

Interior production specialist: Considerations for design and engineer a Bar.

The Bar is one of the most complex and difficult elements of the interior design in terms of engineering and management of its production. There are plenty of things to consider and the sooner you implement them along the process, the better the result will be, and the smoother the process. Attention, I am speaking […]

Refurbishment project successfully completed: From creepy apartment into a trendy vintage loft

This apartment was in the creepiest situation I have ever seen. The owner had died 30 years ago,  and the daughters and sons kept the property locked down until then. There was almost no oxygen in the air when I first entered. Only a couple of pigeons flying and shitting all around the living room. […]